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KoinStreet is a fast and easy way to learn and invest in digital assets while connecting with the digital asset community. 

Reshaping the Digital Asset Experience

Learn about Digital Assets

Digital assets are complex assets that can be difficult to understand especially for beginners. KoinStreet educates users on the fundamentals of digital assets by creating learning blocks that reward users upon completion. Once the basics are understood, discover and keep up with the latest news from digital assets publisher to stay up to date with the fast pacing digital market.

Social Investing

Leverage trends, strategies and market insight from the community to help grow your portfolio. Investors can copy successful traders in real time from their portfolio to yours in an open and transparent way.

Incentivized Social Media

KoinStreet builds a social economy that rewards information sharing and engagement for users in the community. We believe user’s who create the social network and the content on it should be rewarded for their participation.

Connect and manage all your digital assets
from one simple interface

For beginners and professionals

KoinStreet helps you every step of the way to better understand the new emerging market.







Nobody, including KoinStreet, has access to your funds. All funds remain on user controlled exchanges.


No hidden fees. All trades are made on the blockchain and can be verified at any time.


Digital assets simplified. Designed to be fun and rewarding for all users no matter the experience.

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