The Social Trading Network

Empowering traders, investors and content creators

Copy-Trade Investing​

Investing made simple by subscribing to experienced traders’ and copying successful trading strategies in real time from their portfolio to your portfolio using copy-trade contracts built on blockchain technology  

Incentivized Social Ecosystem

The app acts as the medium to connect all your trading needs into one place, but also builds an entire reward based social economy for the community. 


Traders' Scorecard

Follow and subscribe to the best ranked traders and investors.

Daily Content

Daily news, stories, and alerts amongst the community to keep up with the fast pacing crypto market

Social Ecosystem

Incentivized ecosystem by rewarding content creators, viral posts, and user interactions with KASH Tokens.


One location for all users to trade and invest in crypto from any exchange, anywhere, anytime

API Integration

Users are connected to their respected exchanges and funds through API keys.

Increase Revenue

Traders scale and monetize off investors while investors strengthen passive income.


KoinStreet is a user-controlled blockchain solution. We do not hold funds.

Track Portfolio

Keep track of all your funds and optimize returns.

Ease of Use

UI/UX designed to have a seamless experience.

Trustless Network

Traders and Investors earn their trust through reputation and ranking.

KoinStreet is a frictionless ecosystem that produces an internal economy enabling anyone, anywhere a seemless entry to the market

Token Distribution

Funding Allocation

KASH Token

KASH serves as an utility for accessing reduced fees to copy traders and promoting user engagement within the platform’s social community.

Total Max Supply

1,000,000,000 KASH

Accepted Form of Payment

ERC Tokens

Target Raise Amount (USD)




Q1 Market Analysis

KoinStreet Concept Q2

Q3 Whitepaper and Website

Build MVP Q4


Q1 Build Community

Alpha Release​ Q2

Q3 Beta Release​

Security Token Offering​ Q4


Q1 Full Trading Integration​

Full Social Integration​ Q2

Q3 Copy Trade Engine​

Market Expansion​ Q4


frequently asked questions

The act of mimicking a trade in real time from one portfolio to another.

KASH is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum. 

Content creators get paid for traffic generating content.